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Post-Grant Procedures

The patent litigation attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas P. Howard LLC manage post-grant procedures to invalidate a patent, including inter partes review and ex partes review. The post grant procedures are one tool to defend against a spurious or frivolous claim for patent infringement and to bring a matter to a successful resolution.

The patent litigation attorneys at Thomas P. Howard, LLC have handled multiple post grant proceedings, and our attorneys are quite familiar with the law relevant to these matters. For a free consult regarding post grant procedures, simply e-mail us, or call 303-665-9845.

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Thomas Howard is an experienced trial lawyer practicing with an emphasis in intellectual property disputes (including copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, Web site infringements and other Internet-related disputes) as well as complex civil litigation (including breach of contract, interference with contract, breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, fraud, fraudulent transfer, trespass, negligence and nuisance).
In addition to representing clients involved in litigation, Thomas Howard frequently negotiates and drafts intellectual property-related agreements, including nondisclosure and license agreements. He has drafted and negotiated such agreements on behalf of his clients with parties as diverse as Microsoft, Best Buy, Phillips and Hyperion. MORE