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How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

If you are a creator of any kind, you likely know how important it is to protect your intellectual property in Colorado from theft and copying. The internet makes it easy to reproduce ideas, words, and art, which can seriously cut into your profits if the product takes off. Knowing how to protect your work is the key to making sure you get credit and money for your original ideas.

When you are concerned about protecting your intellectual property, make sure you speak to an experienced intellectual property lawyer in Denver, CO, as soon as possible. “Defensively” registering for protection can save you a lot of time, money, and heartache down the line.

Copyright, Trademark, or Patent?
Whether you register for a copyright, trademark, or patent to protect your work largely depends on what kind of work it is. Copyright law protects artistic, expressive works, trademarks are for business names, logos, and slogans, and patents are for novel inventions. Each has different lengths of time in which they are applicable, and only one (trademarks) can be renewed indefinitely. If you are unsure of how and what to register for, an intellectual property attorney can help you make that determination. They will also be able to explain in detail the legal ramifications.

However, the bottom line is that you should register for one of these intellectual property protections as soon as possible or risk your idea being ripped off and lining someone else's pockets rather than your own.

What to Register and Why
In addition to registering your creative output, you should also consider registering your product, business, and domain names. Because these are all important parts of your business and make an impact on how easily customers are able to find you, it's just common sense. You don't want to go through the hassle of bringing a great idea to life only to find that someone else snatched up the domain name years ago. (Often, they will be willing to sell it, although possible for a hefty price.) This also helps establish your business or product as a separate legal entity.

Other Ways To Keep Your Work Product Protected
Registering for intellectual property protection and making sure your business names and domains are covered aren't the only ways in which you can protect yourself. You can also make it a practice to have your employees and collaborators sign non-disclosure agreements, which prevent them from taking your trade secrets and using them for their own gain.

Increasing your internet security is also a wise choice, given that it is all too easy for hackers to gain access to networks and computers and the information contained within them. The higher the profile of your company or product, the more interested unethical people will be in using it for their own gain. Work with an IT professional to make sure that you are as technologically protected as possible.

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