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Colorado Trademark Registration Lawyer

Trademark Registration Services

The Denver trademark attorneys at the Colorado law offices of Thomas P. Howard, LLC provide clients with professional trademark registration services for a flat legal fee of $750.

The Colorado trademark registration attorneys at Thomas P Howard, LLC have been working in the field of trademark law for over 20 years, conducting trademark registrations, trademark litigation and trademark licensing. The attorneys at Thomas P. Howard, LLC will handle the entire trademark registration process on your behalf, notify you of every important issue, and work together with you to obtain exactly the trademark that you are seeking to obtain.

Our flat filing fee of $750 includes:

  1. Consultation with the client regarding the product or service mark requested;
  2. Conducting a search for potentially conflicting trademarks in up to two separate classes of use, and advising the client regarding the results of that search;
  3. If no conflict exists, preparing and filing of the trademark application and responding to all non-final office actions and other communications received from the PTO pertaining to your trademark application.

Contact Us

The trademark attorneys at Thomas P. Howard, LLC have filed hundreds of trademark registrations.  We are looking forward to having you as our next client. For further information regarding the filing of your trademark registrations, just email a lawyer at our firm and we will respond, or call 303-665-9845 for a free telephone consult.

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Thomas Howard is an experienced trial lawyer practicing with an emphasis in intellectual property disputes (including copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, Web site infringements and other Internet-related disputes) as well as complex civil litigation (including breach of contract, interference with contract, breach of fiduciary duty, conspiracy, fraud, fraudulent transfer, trespass, negligence and nuisance).
In addition to representing clients involved in litigation, Thomas Howard frequently negotiates and drafts intellectual property-related agreements, including nondisclosure and license agreements. He has drafted and negotiated such agreements on behalf of his clients with parties as diverse as Microsoft, Best Buy, Phillips and Hyperion. MORE