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Denver BitTorrent and Photograph Infringement Litigation Attorneys

The Colorado law offices of Thomas P. Howard, LLC regularly handle complex internet download matters, including defending copyright infringement matters arising from the alleged download of movies or photographs filed against parties that have allegedly downloaded copyrighted films or photos from the internet. Thomas P. Howard, LLC regularly represents defendants in cases such as these filed in Colorado.

BitTorrent Movie Download Litigation Lawyer

1. Notice of Subpoena to Internet Service Provider

You may have received a notice from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as AT&T, Comcast, Qwest or Century Link, that you have been identified by a Plaintiff in such a lawsuit via your IP address as an alleged infringer that uploaded or downloaded a movie without license or permission. Based on the same, the ISP may have been served with a subpoena demanding that they turn over your personal contact information, including your name and address, to the Plaintiff in that lawsuit so that you can be personally named as a defendant. The subpoena will set forth a deadline by which you need to respond. There are several responses available, including the filing of a motion to quash the subpoena on the ISP or the settlement of the copyright infringement claim. That said, you should respond by the deadline set forth on the subpoena in order to protect your privacy as well as your legal rights, as failure to act by the deadline stated on the subpoena served upon your ISP may result in the ISP turning over your personal information to Plaintiff's counsel and you potentially being personally named as a Defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

If you have received a notice of a subpoena served on your Internet Service Provider and need quick advice and assistance, contact us via e-mail at Thomas P. Howard, LLC, or call us at (303) 665-9845.

2. Service Of A Copyright Infringement Complaint And Summons Alleging Infringing Movie Downloads

You may have been served with a copyright infringement complaint and summons alleging the unlicensed download of a copyrighted film. Thomas P. Howard, LLC has movie download attorneys that have been litigating copyright infringement cases for over 20 years, in multiple states nationwide. They are extremely well-versed in the legal intricacies of the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 101, et al. and can very effectively counsel you with regards to how best to handle this type of lawsuit.

For information and a consultation regarding your receipt of a copyright infringement complaint regarding movie downloads, contact us via e-mail at Thomas P. Howard, LLC, or call us at (303) 665-9845.

3. Demand Letters Regarding Alleged Movie Downloads

You may be receiving demand letters from a film studio threatening to file a lawsuit due to alleged copyright infringement. Lawyer Thomas P. Howard of Thomas P. Howard, LLC, can review the same and advise you as to the merits of the claim and, if necessary, respond to said letters on your behalf.

For information and a consultation regarding your receipt of a demand letter alleging movie copyright infringement, contact us via e-mail at Thomas P. Howard, LLC, or call us at (303) 665-9845

4. Additional Information

Bittorrent Movie lawsuits are founded upon a plaintiff's allegation that a specific IP address was used to download copyrighted material, such as movies, TV shows or music, or used to share files through bittorrent or other file sharing programs. Based upon that allegation, the party who was assigned the IP address at the time of the download may be named in a lawsuit. Quite often the person assigned a specific IP address knows nothing regarding the download alleged. There are legal defenses to such allegations, as well as to the types of service being used. The cost of settlement or litigation will not decrease as the process proceeds. If you are uncertain what to do, talk to a professional. The attorneys at Thomas P. Howard, LLC are very experienced bittorrent movie download litigation attorneys with over 20 years of experience. They have successfully handled copyright cases since 1996 for both plaintiffs and defendants, including many cases where the copyright infringement claim is based on Internet infringement claims, including alleged Internet downloads.

Photograph Infringement Lawyer

You may have received either a demand letter or a subpoena and lawsuit pertaining to the alleged infringement of photographs taken by a third-party. Thomas P. Howard's copyright infringement lawyers regularly litigate copyright infringement lawsuits involving the alleged infringement of photos. Typically, the photos allegedly infringed were downloaded from the internet.

Contact A Denver Movie Download Litigation Attorney

There are numerous defenses to this type of claim. For information and a consultation regarding your receipt of a demand letter or copyright infringement complaint regarding the alleged infringement of photos, contact us via e-mail at Thomas P. Howard, LLC, or call us at (303) 665-9845.

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